5 Things to Know about Paid Research Studies

Paid Studies

Participating in a paid study can help you earn extra money and expose you to new fields and areas of exploration while making a productive contribution to society. Studies can be both interesting and lucrative, but it is best to gain an awareness of how they work prior to participating.

Acceptance in a Study

Getting accepted for participation in a paid study is not as simple as signing up. You must meet certain criteria. These vary from study to study, but they can involve factors such as pre-existing conditions or medication, age, and gender. To ensure that you meet the specified criteria, you will have to answer questions about your history and then be evaluated by a doctor to verify your information. Doctors can then determine if you are an appropriate fit for their study.


Prior to beginning the study, you will receive a document outlining your rights as a patient. Read the document carefully and be sure to gather as much information as you need before you sign it. Along with your rights, the document outlines the doctor’s expectations of you. For example, you might be expected to change certain lifestyle habits or fill out a self-monitoring chart. You should also consider how long the study will last prior to signing. Being informed will ensure that you only proceed with the study if you feel capable of doing so.


Signing the consent acts as a contract, but it is not binding. If you need to, you can remove yourself from the study at any time. However, the consent indicates some degree of commitment, so taking the time to understand your rights, risks, and obligations will help ensure that neither you nor the study directors waste your time. You should also discuss the financial compensation agreement prior to signing the informed consent.


Once you have enrolled in the study, you should treat it as you would any other commitment and make it a priority. Make sure that you know when your appointments are, when you need to take medications, what self-monitoring is required of you, and any other expectations or limitations. If you need to, make adjustments to your schedule and keep the study in mind as you make other plans.


Trained professionals are leading the study, so once you sign the informed consent, you can relax. The doctors in charge are there for you and have a plan to ensure your safety during the study, which you can discuss with them prior to signing the consent if you have any concerns. If new concerns arise later in the study, you can review the consent form or ask the doctors for more information.

Signing Up

As long as you are informed, signing up for a study can be an interesting way to earn extra money, so consider enrolling as a candidate. Altus Research has several studies available in a variety of areas, so you can find an appropriate study for you. Fill out our form today!

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