How Do I Join a Research Study?

New medical and technological treatments would not be able to move forward without consenting participants. Most of these products are generally deemed safe for human consumption. However, they are ethically and legally required to pass every trial phase before becoming available for public use or physician prescription.

If you are interested in joining a clinical trial near you or online, please follow the steps below.

Use the Clinical Trial Search Tool

Clinical trials are constantly changing. Every new one and every new phase of one always needs new volunteers. The best way to find a good fit for you is to narrow your options by putting in something like your zip code, typing in the keywords, etc.

Other options:

  • Ask yourself if you would be willing to travel for a trial. If so, you need to consider the distance you’re willing to go. If you’re not comfortable with or you can’t afford to go very far, you can check to see what your neighborhood or areas near you are offering. Some trials offer compensation to cover your travel expenses. If you have a job, you should also consider whether you can take any time off from work. If so, you will need to consider how much. Finally, if you’re absolutely uncomfortable with the idea of travelling, online trials are also available.
  • Once you find a matching tool, such as Antidote Match, you will need to answer several questions such as your age, all diagnoses or conditions you currently have, etc. Every trial has different requirements.
  • As soon as you get your results, click to peruse the trials that interest you. Note whether it’s brand new or what phase the trial is in, who the sponsor is, and the fine print for the qualifications. This saves time by helping you to see whether you’re likely to qualify. If you do, learning the logistics details is the next step.

Consult with Your Physician First

If you have a regular doctor or a specialist team, it’s essential to consult with them before proceeding to the trial. They can rule out whether it could interfere with your current treatments. If you need to, make a consultation appointment with a description of the study in hand. Your doctor may suggest questions you can ask the research team, which you are highly encouraged to do. You can do that by contacting one of the researcher team members.

Possible COVID-19 Modifications

Most medical facilities are still requiring masks. Please be respectful of this.
Others, however, may decide to mobilize certain trials altogether. For example, they may come to your home to do the tests and the trial instead of having you come to the site.

Fill Out the Form

Once you get the clear from your doctor or specialists, you’re ready to fill out our online form. If the team agrees that you’re a good match, they will send you the informed consent form. It should include the details that they have already discussed with you.
Remember, there is never any obligation to stay, and you can leave the trial at any time, no questions asked.

Interested in Volunteering?

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