How Personal Information is Protected in a Research Study

If you’re considering joining a research study, it’s normal to have questions. One of the most common questions is about how information is protected during a study. Although our team can answer your questions about personal information, here’s a quick guide to research studies and how we take care to ensure your information is protected.

What’s a Research Study?

Researchers perform studies for the benefit of society to gain insight into or respond to an inquiry about human thought, deed, or behavior. In some studies, participating may be as simple as filling out a questionnaire, observing a gathering, or engaging in casual chat. Some research may involve more intrusive procedures, new medicines, or other activities. Clinical trials and health studies are investigations that examine drugs, medical devices, vaccines, and other treatments.

Who is a Research Participant?

Participants in scientific studies are called “research subjects.” When conducting research, data refers to any information obtained from or about a subject to provide an answer. Study participants are often called human subjects, volunteers, or research participants.

Who Can Take Part?

Eligibility restrictions vary for each study. The study may restrict participants by age, lifestyle, health, or other factors. Before enrolling, researchers may screen you for study eligibility. A blood test or physical examination may be necessary to determine your participation eligibility.

Why Join?

The goal of scientific inquiry is to improve human life. It helps researchers learn how to improve health and identify and treat ailments. Participation in research can be motivated by several motivations, including the potential for personal or societal gain. Some people join research studies out of a desire to explore new treatments or as a way to help further the understanding of certain conditions or illnesses. There are many viable reasons to join a research study, and yours may be unique to your situation.

How Does My Data Stay Secure During a Research Study?

Institutional review boards (IRBs) are in charge of vetting and monitoring every research involving human participants and ensuring study participants are safe. IRB guarantees:

  • It’s worth studying
  • The hazards of engaging are minimal
  • The benefits outweigh the dangers of participating in the study at hand
  • The strategy for selecting participants is ethical

Protecting the privacy of your health and other information shared with researchers is of the utmost importance. For IRB approval, all researchers must present a strategy for securely archiving their collected data. This means you can feel confident that security measures are in place when joining a research study. All of these measures will be discussed during your consultation before signing consent forms so you can thoroughly review the policies.

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