Why is Medical Research Important?

We have come a long way to discover preventive measures, treatments, medication interventions, care, and aftercare services in medicine. However, nothing was discovered overnight. Medical scientists and related professions have spent centuries discovering risks, treatments, and preventive measures revolving around all the diseases we experience today. For this reason, medical research remains extremely important to the field as a whole. Here is what to know about medical research at Altus Research and why it’s important.

Forms of Medical Research

Medical research is actually a very broad term and can be classified into three major forms:

Basic or Laboratory-Based Research

In basic or laboratory-based research, chemical, and biological reactions are conducted in controlled environments. Most medical scientists do medical research first before conducting tests on animals or population samples. This is the first stage of medical research.

Clinical Trials

This type of research uses a sample of volunteer populations to test the efficacy of a given drug on a specific disease. This is usually done after laboratory-based research has been completed but before the drug or treatment becomes widely available.

Epidemiological Analysis

In epidemiological research, large amounts of data are collected in a population concerning a specific disease or treatment method. Data analysis and interpretation are then conducted to understand disease occurrences, treatment aspects, control, public health, genetic problems, and disease history, among other important medical-related aspects. This type of research is typically conducted on publicly available treatments, therapies, and medications.

Importance of Medical Research

Medical research has a major impact on the future of interventions. Some of the most important aspects of it include:

It Promotes the Invention of New Treatments:

Through medical research, scientists have been able to develop better treatments for serious diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, allergies, etc. Additionally, better treatment strategies have been developed. By expanding our understanding of medications and their side effects, we can more effectively recommend them to patients and help them manage any difficulties.

It’s Important in Disease Diagnosis

Various accurate diagnostic tools and equipment have been invented through medical research. For example, with the invention of mammography, breast cancer patients can be effectively screened – this has resulted in a 20% decrease in related mortality rates in a disease that was previously a significant cause of death in women.

It’s Important in Disease Control:

Medical research has led to the rapid invention of vaccines for diseases such as polio, smallpox, and COVID-19. In time-sensitive crises such as these, medical research plays a crucial role in ensuring fast, accurate results.

It’s Important in Public Health:

Through research, public healthcare has vastly improved. Research has impacted providing information about risk factors, treatment occurrences, patterns of care, and healthcare costs. By bringing greater and more accurate awareness to the public, we can reduce the impact of certain diseases as a whole.

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