Why We Need Clinical Trials

As pharmaceutical companies get more competitive, they want to stay on top, so they try to offer the latest drug that no one else has yet. They are always trying to come up with a drug that has new characteristics, so we can’t just rely on studies of drugs that were developed years ago now. Clinical trials are the best way to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of new drugs. These trials help doctors understand the benefits of the new drug and how significant the risk might be for people who might take these types of medication in the future.

Why Are Clinical Trials Important?

1. Establish Safety Of The Drug

Clinical trials are the only way to establish whether or not a drug is safe for humans. When first introduced, drugs are usually accompanied by warnings, but it takes actual clinical trial results before the drug’s safety can be established with certainty. Even if the product is generally safe, clinical trials will determine how and why the drug works on patients with different conditions. Suppose a trial shows that one dosage works better or shows side effects at higher doses. In that case, physicians will know how to administer appropriate dosages and warn patients of possible side effects.

2. Determine Efficacy

There are two main types of clinical trials: those used to determine efficacy and those used to establish safety. You may recall that some drugs used for decades were very similar to a placebo. Clinical efficacy ensures that any drug put on the market will have an effect and offer benefits to the patients prescribed it. Clinical trials can help researchers determine the best dosages, combination with other drugs, and how often a drug should be taken. The more information researchers have about how long a drug stays effective and whether it is safe over the long term, the better they can offer guidance to physicians looking at whether or not to prescribe the drug or how frequently.

3. Provide Clinical Guidance

Clinical trials are essential in that they help physicians better understand how to use medications and what combinations of drugs will be most effective. It is especially true for patients with terminal conditions looking for the best way to spend their last days or weeks. By conducting clinical trials, physicians can understand how different drugs work together to treat or delay symptoms related to a patient’s condition. All this information is vital for doctors, who can only acquire it through clinical trials.

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